30 April 2000


Theory on cows: part 1 of 10... by JHK

I am the alpha, the omega. The beginning, the end. I am the COW. And so, Beefuf climbed the great mount Cynide where he came back with ten udders in which each had a purpose.

The first, cheese then milk, cottage cheese, cream cheese, low fat cheese, chocolate milk, strwaberry and caramel. Swiss and blue cheese, the holiest of all products of the one true god......Dairy

ok..... next time i'll document the cold refridgeration war where chikin and cow were fighting for political and military supremacy in all supermarket shelves. Neutral forces such as tuna and salmon were hammered into tin cans and the oppressed pork wa s forced into vacuum packages.


Hullo all :D

Finally I've got off my bum and re-updated the entire webpage. I'm using evil frames; there's the navigation pane on the left (check out the neat drop down menus!!!) and the right pane for general browsing :D

There's a new colour scheme and style; let us know what you think

Captin Nod