6 August 2006

Attention internet lynch mob.. this way please

Some sad individual has senselessly plagarised a review from the excellent Dans Data. If you have any spare bile or venom to donate, please send it in this direction. Why do I mention this? Well, I'm a longtime reader of Dan, and the comments are curtly summarised by Anonymous:

"Ahhhh - the eloquence of all these comments is enough to bring a tear to mine eye...and you know what? I agree with every word. Scumbag..."

Five minutes with google seems to indicate not a single thing on this crappy blog is original or attributed content, and is merely a large collection of (poorly done) cut-and-paste jobs. The entire site clearly is in violation of its advertisers content policy:

"Kontera does not work with web publishers that promote, contain or link directly to the following content.. ..Material that violates intellectual property rights of third parties."

Remember folks, the internet is full of stupid people.