20 October 2000

Gamer :)

Clan? Clan? What clan?!?!? Ledge and blah

Gamer by Pre-Shrunk (www.preshrunk.com) - this is one for all you half-life/counterstrike freaks out there :)

Parts of the brain! - just a little something I found on the 'net; anyone who has done any anatomy will find this amusing :)

18 October 2000

"Why dont you take off your backward desire?!?!?"

Anyone who has ever seen an anime flick will know just how poor the psuedo-english lyrics are; however, they tend to be rather funny :)

"You are impassive to mate with yesterday
I am aggressive to wait for tomorrow.
Why don't you take off your backward desire?
That's wrapping you like a heavy coat to tire."

"Brave Souls" from the Anime Soundtrack Infostation

You'll have to thank Chelsie for this bundle of Japlish joy :)

Plus for all you H4x0r L0534S out there, here's an English to Leet translator. For those of you that can understand this pseudo-language, please, get a life.

14 October 2000

More stupid stuff

Music videos: Yeppers, I've been wasting time that should have been spent on my thesis, and come up with a few gems:
Lobster magnet Ok, it makes no sense but it's a cack :)
Pokemon vs. Mindless Self Indulgence Yeah, this is weird too. I like it :)

Picture of the year!

8 October 2000

The IG-Nobel prizes!

The 2000 IG-Nobel prizes are out.. especially take a look at the physics paper on the levitating frog! See it here.

6 October 2000

Page redesign

Heya all once again :) The page has been redesigned AGAIN; hope u like it :) No more frames! All server side include stuff makes it look neat without too much effort - thanks Hiren :)

captin nod