14 October 2010

taken with the [adjective] bendycam

I've become rather fond of shooting with my latest DIY lens creation, the indefatigable bendycam 19:

two new bendycams
It's the one on the far left.

I've fixed it's inherent need to escape and it's become a constant companion on many of my photo wanders around San Francisco. I've recently discovered, however, it's not the pictures it takes that people have grown to like - it's the adjectives used to describe it. To keep up, I've started to take some liberties describing the Bendycam 19.

It started out as simply indefatigable, but it's moved on to being seasick, combustible and even ficticious. Bendycam is comesitble, discombobulate and reticulated. Bendycam is unstoppable and immutable, but, despite it's near magical powers, I have a problem. I'm starting to exhaust even my reserve supplies of adjectives :( If you have any spare to describe this nearly omnipotent device please let me know :)