29 August 2010

photo roundup: week 34, 2010

This week: two new bendycams! A wide angle 19mm monster, and a 50mm portrait lens:

two new bendycams

The 19mm is nuts - more pics will be posted as I take 'em:

Warp speed, Mr Sulu

Midweek, I photowalked with the always awesome Julie Michelle. More on that a bit later...

eye see you

vanishing point

Got a new spot to hang out in-between buses in the mornings - at the new Temporary Transbay terminal. Plenty of new angles to find :)

two of one and three of the other

22 August 2010

photo roundup: week 33, 2010

Last week: summer finally mooched its way into San Francisco, looking at it's feet and being embarrassed about being so damn late.


union machine co


zeno place

summer 2.0 arrives!

15 August 2010

photo roundup: week 32, 2010

I've been snooping around Mission Bay/Dogpatch. It's pretty industrial, and very, very quiet on the weekends. Ideal shooting conditions :) I've got a few of my recent shots taken there below; you can find even more here.





revolving door

Found this little gem near where I wait for one of my buses:


..and here I am actually using the shift function on my tilt and shift DIY lens:

squared triangle

9 August 2010

O hai, inter-tubes

Finally, after a very long time I've posted my (hopefully) comprehensive tutorial: "Tilt-Shift: A DIY Guide". It's doing the rounds right now, and I'm pleased to see that most people like it :) I should thank my friends at photojojo for publishing it in their newsletter this week too :)

So far, it's been on: photojojo, hackaday (the comments are hilarious), 1001 noisy cameras, petapixel, diyphotography.net, reddit(!) and even ye olde overclockers.com.au. There have been a staggering number of pageviews too (well, staggering for me, anyway - 20k views in 18 hours!).

I also made up a print version using magcloud. Inexplicably, it's made it as a featured issue on magcloud:

Well, this is nuts

...which is pretty awesome :)

We received a copy of the printed out magazine in the mail, and so far it's lived up to expectations. The saddle stitching isn't anything to get too excited about, but it's neatly done and printed out on heavy, glossy paper. It works fine for 32 pages, but I can't imagine that this would scale up very well - if it was 64 pages, I'd not be so sure about the saddle stitching. However, they do have a 'perfect binding' option now, which might be a better choice if you have many pages.

"Selective Focus", as printed by magcloud

For what it's worth, I like the feel of the finished result - as I mentioned, it feels heavy, and the high-resolution print process does produce some lovely images. I'm afraid my poor shot of the finished result (in terrible lighting!) above doesn't really do it justice. Once I get some expert opinions, I'll write up a proper review of the printed result.