28 June 2005

So, what is it that you do again?

This is it folks, this is what I've wasted spent the last three or so years of my life on:

I've been working on a technique for automagically creating volumetric meshes from medical imaging data, and the above images are a snapshot of reasonably significant results. I used grey and white matter identified in a pre-labeled 3D image of a head from those crazy folks over at McConnell Brain Imaging Centre to initialise my volume mesh generator. Currently the algorithm is going to be used in surgical simulation work, but I hope to have it used in other medical applications, such as generating meshes for Finite Element Analysis for mechanical modeling.

For the more technically inclined, the above object is a 3.5 million element tetrahedral mesh; the first image is the whole brain from a couple of angles; the second image is a cut-away octant of the mesh, showing how it is graded from having small, high-resolution tetras on the surface, to larger, lower-resolution tetras in the interior. I won't (can't??) go into too much detail about how it works, but a Journal paper is on the way (yes Yurgi, it really is) and that will explain it in much further detail.

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