11 July 2005

Canberra Invasion and Macquarie Move

For today, a large post.

It's been a busy couple of days, with the group I work with moving offices from suburban Marsfield to the site at suburban Macquarie University. The move was fairly uneventful, the new offices are spacious (if not a little dark) and I'm sure we'll make adjustments to make it like home again.

The Canberra Invasion Force went off without a hitch, and great fun was had by all (I hope!). The three-hour drive (which took a bit longer on Friday because of the insane rain) was well worth the effort, allowing for catching up with family and friends alike. A big shout of thanks has to go out to Gertrude (and gorgeous little Sophie) for letting us invade their house for a couple of days, and to Adelina for housing last-minute travelers and for lending us her place for the many, many hours of entertaining games, tim-tams and conversation.

I have previously been a bit down on Canberra, but have quickly gotten quite attached to the place. Yes, it's cold, yes, it's a lot like London, but it has the charms of a small down hastily mushed together with the functions of a big city. I'd highly recommend the Argentinean food stand with it's hot Churros at the Old Bus Depot Markets on Sundays, and the drive from the War Memorial to Captial Hill (notwithstanding the aluminum Bird On A Stick) is genuinely quite nice.

I've been driving everyone insane, going bazakas with my digital camera, taking photos of everything that happened. Being a long-time linux nerd, I have recently been searching for good image management software, and I found Album Shaper, which works superbly well under KDE. It isn't iPhoto, but it is slick and it generates very swish looking online albums, as can be seen in the links further down this post.

So, for those of you whom have patiently read through my rambling - pictures. The gallery for the Macquarie Move can be found here, and the gallery for the Canberra Invasion Force can be found here.


Hiren Joshi said...

Like you can't tell that's Ian Thorpe that I drew. Note the fantastic-looking whale at the top too. I'm Pablo f'in Picasso.

Anonymous said...

Canberra thrives on visits from the big smoke; one gets that "escape from death valley feeling" without regular contact from the outside.

And a big thank you for participating in "The Interminable Game". (For the uninitiated the rules are as follows; take at least one 5 year old and 2 or more dolls/stuffed toy. make them participate in various activities and conversations. repeat ad nauseum. nb. a timer can be useful for limiting the duration of the game, but beware of the concerted nagging for more that will mark
each attempt to end the game.