8 January 2006

battlestar galactica season 2: redux

Battlestar back on the box

Battlestar Galactica is back on the telly, and I wasn't disappointed with the start of the second half of the second series (??).

Family meeting time on Colonial One

Things have already taken quite a dark turn, and as the episode progresses, things seem to keep on getting darker. If you take any of the scuttlebutt seriously, there's plenty of nuggety plot in store for the rest of the season.

Stuff not blowing up

Disappointingly, unlike previous pyrotechnically inclined episodes, there wasn't a whole heap of stuff blowing up. However..

This thing probably will blow up. Eventually.

..I think they were building up expectations for an earth shattering kaboom. The storyline seems to be focusing on the whole human vs. human thing (us lot seem to be good at it), and if rumour is to be believed, there is a pile of cylon vs. cylon stuff coming up as well.

Doctor what?

Sat down and watched the Dr. Who 2005 Christmas special, and I reckon it was a bit of alright. It's not exactly the most stimulating of dramas, but thoroughly enjoyable nevertheless.

David Tennant, looking alarmed in his jimjams.

David Tennant was a bit creepy, but I think that might have been the idea. Christopher Eccleston tried to be a bit menacing in the last series, but, eh.. I wasn't really convinced. We'll wait and see how this turns out when it re-starts in full in a couple of months.

In the meantime.. draw your own conclusions:

Dr. Hiren? He will be (eventually) :P

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