17 April 2006

must cut back on the caffeine intake

A couple of days ago, I think I may well have overdosed on caffeine. Recently, I've actually been managing to get enough sleep, but I haven't yet completely adjusted my caffeinated beverage intake to match. We'd popped out of the lab one morning to get some freshly brewed coffee; what I had forgotten was that I had earlier on consumed one of David's evil penguin mints, which on their own contain an obscene amount of caffeine. By lunchtime I was actually breaking out in a cold sweat and was a little too excitable. The practical upshot of all this is that now I can't drink a lot of coffee without feeling weird, and I've actually cut back my intake to maybe a cup of coffee a day, and am drinking a pile of tea instead.

I wonder.. what would Jack Bauer be like on a caffeine overdose? :P :P

Post-phd plans at this stage are still a bit vague (for those of you who might be interested). So far, I only have confirmed one activity I will definitely be partaking in - the rest is still a bit up in the air, including this fabled world-trip myself and Briony will be (eventually) taking. Speaking of spoiled plans - beardquest fizzled out with a whimper rather than a bang. I got a nasty rash so the beard had to go. The progress made before I had to bail out can be seen here.


Hiren Joshi said...

Jack Bauer?

Shoots terrorist in the leg

Who are you working for?


We don't have time!


brionydoyle said...

What do you mean fabled? It will happen, even if we're still putting it off when we're 57 :P