20 May 2006

boing boing boing boing boing boing...

Just a quick message for all those visitors from Kotaku, boingboing or wherever you are from all corners of the world wide inter-web:

Leave a comment below if you'd like say hello ;)

Thanks to the penguinista for the phone call from Germany(!) advising of the boing-boingification :P I hadn't quite realised how many people were using news aggregators - it's fairly impressive. As of 0900 Tuesday, Sydney time, it looks like lots of people have dropped by to say hi :)



Anonymous said...

Hello Captin Nod!

Your paper quake characters are wonderfull. I whant to print them large so they can decorate my livingroom. The chambler is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Jsut wanr=ted to say Hi!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, you asked for it: hello there!
Great models, planning on doing more?

Chentzilla said...

I was also looking for some way to put game chars (Resident Evil, for example) into Pepakura, but haven't found any good converters. By the way, most of the links for mdl23ds look broken to me.
Good work with Quake, man!