9 June 2006

the hunting of the snark



I was in Melbourne last week, looking neat and tidy on a bit of random business (those who know about it, know about it). Seriously folks, Melbourne is a blast. You'll find a few grumbling Sydneysiders giving Melbourne the odd, friendly broadside, but, on the whole, its a nice city to be in. For a little while, at least :)

I spent a pile of time around Federation Square, sort of an cultural and arts hub in downtown Melbourne, just adjacent to the river. The buildings around the square sported a pinwheel aperiodic tiling pattern, not-so-subtly reminding me of all the computational geometry write-up that I still have to get around to finishing for my thesis write-up. If you are in Melbourne, set aside half-a-day or so to have a peek around - especially if you've got an interest in film & tv or game development (who? me?).

I've made some small updates to the Quake papercraft models page, adding instructions for the player (ranger!) model. A big thanks has to go out to Spirit from quaddicted for providing additional hosting for the .pdf files (yes, I know, rapidshare sucks). [edit: fixed spelling - Qantas, Quantas, its bloody ruined my command of English :P]

On that topic: to answer a question I've got a few times - yes, I do have Half-Life papercraft models in the works. I've actually finished two unfoldings (the indefagitable(??) snark and the indestructible crowbar), but I haven't tested building them yet. When I've done the test builds, I'll post 'em up online. And that will be early July at the earliest - sorry folks, but thesis writing takes precedence :)