11 September 2009

Why I ride a bike

Route 1: Getting the 22 MUNI bus back home from work

Distance: 6.7km
Time: 45 mins (not including time to walk to the bus stop!)
Average speed: 9km/h (!!)
Pros: Not driving, can read a book
Cons: Getting stabbed in the pancreas, the malefic odour of a San Francisco transient as they sit right next to you

Route 2: Riding my bike

Distance: 11.0km
Time: 37 minutes
Average speed: 18 km/h
Pros: Exercise, the view along the waterfront, not being tied to a bus schedule
Cons: Headphone-wearing pedestrians walking out in front of you, splashback from the giant octopus that occasionally tries to destroy the Golden Gate Bridge

1 comment:

Unknown said...

You could cut that cycle time in half going 7th > McAllister > Polk > Chestnut (or Greenwich). Bike lanes on most of that.

Not that the Embarcadero isn't lovely.