7 July 2005


Most of you folks would be aware of the trouble going down in London at the moment. It's not a whole heap of fun, but if any city in the world would be designed to cope with such a stress, London would be it. I've spoken with family and friends (including one who missed catching one of the ill-fated tube trains by managing to sleep in yesterday morning), and as usual the Londoners are dealing with it with calm, playing down the incident rather than ramping it up.

Speaking of terrofication - local TV station, channel seven is now screening the most recent series of angry' Kiefer's flagship show, 24. The central plot orbits around an 'ordinary' Arabic family who are actually a sleeper cell. The series is executed controversially, playing up Arab stereotypes, leading to a clumsy apology from Fox. They introduce a raft of new characters, only to replace them with ones from the previous series because of a viewer backlash against them. It leaves a pile of loose ends (hint: there is no motive for the 'terrorist' activity, its just 'extremists'), Kiefer Sutherland dies (again), is brought back to life (again). Don't waste your time, folks.

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Hiren Joshi said...

So who was it that missed the tube?