21 October 2005

Fidel Castro: friend to all creatures

Fidel Castro

Well folks, we were frankly stunned to have been recently visited by Fidel Castro, socialist revolutionary, friend to all creatures, on a rescue mission. You see, Briony was heading home and she found, quite out of his tree, the capitalist sympathiser, Clifford:


Delusional, and a bit lost, we observed Clifford for a short while. However, night was falling and, well, we weren't quite sure what to do with him. We called up WIRES for a bit of advice. Turns out what we probably should have done was let him work out his political alignment on his own, but the way it worked out, we ended up taking him home for the night to keep him away from cats and the like. Fidel weaved his own magic, lulling him to sleep with words of common ownership and inciting him to throw off his shackles and initiate a workers revolution.

Briony giving Clifford a send-off

The next morning, Briony took Clifford back to were we found him. He chirped away quite happily, and we let him do his thing, promoting Marxism and decrying the free market economy.

Fidel educating Clifford in socialism so he may bring it back to his peoples

Anyway, it's off to Canberra tomorrow to see these folks... looking forward to it :)

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Hiren Joshi said...

So, where exactly have you disappeared to? I would expect at least one post gloating about the winnage of the Nano?