3 October 2005

spring loaded


Figure 1: (a) Lobster + rabbit
(b) Cutaway of mesh of brain

Figure 2: Ducks, ok?

Figure 3: Cake stab

It's been a good long while since I have last posted, so here I am again, the other side of a rather extended self-induced journal-paper-writing stupor.

The PhD work I've been doing on adaptive mesh generation has been plodding along quite nicely; two examples are in Figure 1 to the left. Figure 1(a) does indeed demonstrate a lobster squeezed into a rabbit (any resemblance is purely coincidental, really); 1(b) is a rather shiny cut-away view of a volume mesh of the brainweb head; the cortex is in blue, the white-matter underneath is red.

However, in the real world outside, spring has truly exceeded our ability to describe it, showering us with an assortment of miniature versions of other, small, sad, but nevertheless endearing flightless birds (see Figure 2).

Just over a year ago big thing happened to myself and Briony. It's been a wonderful year, and to celebrate we decided a) take everything out of the house, b) clean it, c) put it back, and finally, d) throw a party (see Figure 3). Thankyou to all you wonderful folks who could come, we had a great time, and thanks for all the hellos from all the people that couldn't.

Speaking of Briony - she puts up with a lot; and has caved into a desire to write about it!. Sort of.

Thusly I present to you: Diary of a PhD widow!


Hiren Joshi said...

So are we all trying to have long hair now? I see Ketan's (oiled?) hair, your hair being quite long, and my hair growing quite lengthy, and I wonder if there's some kind of unspoken conspiracy for us to all have girly long hair at the same time.

Bhautik Joshi said...

I am no girly man!

brionydoyle said...

I still have longer hair than any of you! You'll never catch up, never!!!!!!!!!!