30 November 2005

This spoon is too big

First off, on a somber note - this is fucked up. Sorry for the strong language, but there are precious few other ways of putting it. Enough debate has been had on the topic, so this once I'll add my voice to the clamour - capital punishment isn't any means to any end >:(

On a lighter note, I did get my phone, only two days after the bloke from Vodafone telemarketing had called me. The V600 case is a little flimsy, but once you chuck it in a phone jacket it feels fairly robust. The camera is quite nice, and the java3D stuff actually runs at a reasonable speed. I haven't really had time to muck about it all that much.. I'll use it to take a couple of photos on the weekend and you can judge for yourself.

If you have a bit of bandwidth to spare, you might want to check out rejected (41Mb!) for amusement value. It's a nifty little short film, and I highly recommend you watch it first before finding out a bit more about it.

As a note to sign off with - I've been trying to use this geotargeting tool for tracking site visitors (see little button at the bottom of the page). So far, the only hits I've gotten tell me that all the visitors are reading my blog from in the middle of the road on Cleveland Street near the centre of Sydney :| Hopefully it'll register something a bit more interesting in the future :)

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