6 December 2005

salvador dali's magic castle

Update: Briony's take on events.

The Canberra Invasion Force invaded the quiet south coast town of Vincentia, in Jervis Bay last weekend. There was a rubber chicken. There was taboo. There was a sandcastle. In fact, gentle reader, there was enough to keep us out of trouble for the best part of three days and I hope a good time was had by all.

Myself, Briony, Marc (whom was our driver for the weekend - much thanks again), Ray, Mos and Tuan arrived on Friday night, with Adelina and Amanda arriving on Saturday morning. While we were waiting around on Saturday morning, we indulged in some high-speed chicken photography:

Subsequently we traveled to nearby Huskisson for lunch and a bit of Ray-casting.

After heading back to Vincentia, we built a monstrous sand-castle.

This was followed by a movie and some board games:

Next morning, the sand castle had been washed away :( I think Mos cried :P

We cleared up, and started making our ways home:

On the way back, we stopped in at the surprisingly vibrant centre of Woolongong for an excellent dinner at Ghedia's.

A complete gallery of the weekend can be found here.

Of course, my geeky side followed my down for the holiday, and thusly I found myself mucking about with my brand new tripod, my camera and the hugin stiching tools. The below links either link to a larger image or to a java panaroama viewer (java required for these :P).

The beach house (image link here):

Ray is absolutely beside himself in Huskisson (image link here):

Orion beach at Vincentia (image link here):

The completed sand-castle (non-java):

How Salvador Dali might have viewed the sand-castle:

View out into Jervis Bay (image link here):

Anyway, that's enough for me today. I probably should get some sleep :)


Hiren Joshi said...

The PanoRaymic shot is pretty cool, but where'd you get the chicken from? Is it safe from H5N1?

Anonymous said...

The chicken was purchased from 'Charmers Cards and Gifts' of Macquarie Centre long before any bird flu scare :-)

celia said...

Thanks for posting the pics:) I don't feel so left out now. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey BJ,
I like them too. Good pics. I want to know how to as well