15 December 2005

we're men.. men in tights

Those famous Sydney Opera House sails

First off - Ray's pictures from the weekend down at Vincentia are up online - thanks for that Ray :)

Briony took me out to the Opera House last night for the production of Sleeping Beauty, mostly for a fun night out but partly to attempt to get me slightly more cultured.

What I was expecting was opera - and what I got was ballet. So, there were a few niggling little things that might have got to me. Whilst I could get into the technical aspects of the performance - people in tight clothing basically hurling themselves and others all over the damn stage like a precision driving team - I was at a complete loss to follow the story. Briony tells me that this is fairly normal for an opera, so there we were madly reading the program with a flashlight whilst the performance was running trying to work out what was happening. The music was very dainty, there wasn't a lot of oomph to it - and the ballet itself also involved industrial strength doses of yet more fluttery daintiness. I was unsurprised to discover that this wasn't my thing. Maybe one day when I'm older I might appreciate it :P

Despite mixed reviews, the house was packed, so presumably lots of people did get into it. More power to them, I say. All said and done, it was a night out on the town, and it was at the Opera House (which is always cool). Now I can conclusively say that I've tried watching ballet, and, well, the tight tights just give me the creeps.

Since I've ruled out Ballet from my list of upcoming entertainment, what's up-and-coming on the idiot box? Well, first off the rank is the Dr. Who Christmas special (Dec. 25 2005), then the next episode of Battlestar Galactica (Jan. 6 2006 - wooo!), and finally the ever-so-confusing continuation of Lost (Jan. 11 2006). I'm not a nerd. Not me.

The next couple of weeks will involve a lot of traveling around Sydney for family and friends Christmas functions; it's nice to know that the moderate voices in Sydney's famously unbalanced media have been keeping things orderly in the light of all the fun that's been happening out Cronulla way. It's all been staggeringly stupid, I hope the upcoming weekend will be a bit quieter.

ps. I'd like to say a big hello to the only two people in the world who are visiting this blog. Hi. Hows it going.


Hiren Joshi said...

Google analytics works a lot better at tracking visitors. :)

Bhautik Joshi said...

OK, so I do actually use a better utility for counting stats on the page - the zipwise google map counter is fun, but it isn't very inclusive or all that accurate.