26 March 2006

beardquest 2006

Last Wednesday, myself a couple of the blokes at the lab decided to kick off Beardquest 2006. There really isn't any particular reason for it.. for some bizarro reason we've all spontaneously decided to not touch a razor for a month or so. We're from a big ole melting pot of ethnicities, so some will end up hairier than others. As promised, here I am over the course of 6 days.

edit: pictures too hideous to put on the front page! See here instead :P

Frightening, isn't it? I've gone from the spiky stage (which b1 was not a huge fan of) to the incredibly annoying itchy stage, which, so far, I've never had the patience to get through. Anyway, I've committed to this course of action, and we'll see how I end up in a couple of weeks time.

Besides, I've heard rumours that a prerequisite for any sort of academic career if you are male is facial hair (remember: biology - brown beards, physics - black beards), so I'm going to test drive this whole beard thing while I'm cooped up writing up my thesis and less likely to terrify anybody with my carpeted visage.

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