12 March 2006

cows fly like clouds but they are never completely successful

Woo! Thats the last one! I've submitted my last paper before my thesis-write up (which begins next week), so, for the moment at least, Normal Service Will Be Resumed Shortly.

In the throes of trying to write my last masterpiece, I turned to one of my old friends, MegaHAL, for some advice:

me: i hate writing papers
MegaHAL: You worry about your reward. If money is all that you can go about your reward. If money is all that you love, then that's what you're best at, isn't it?

Whilst I felt that a meaningful exchange had occurred, I found it hard to forget that MegaHAL also thinks Life's but a green duck with soy sauce. MegaHAL isn't exactly the most useful thing ever, but its mildly psychotic rantings can be fairly amusing when you are searching for inspiration.

On the other hand, useful things under KDE are numerous. Two favourites of mine at the moment would be the nifty application launcher, katapult (mandriva rpm's), and amarok, which play nicely together.

Amarok in particular is a bit of a killer app for me; it will catalogue, play and work out the context of whatever song I'm listening to. The smart playlist feature is pretty nifty way to organically browse through a large music collection. Moving files on and off my nano is also easy to do, and with the next release of libgpod it should be possible to copy the cover art over to the nano as well.

Did I mention that I like big sparks? They've got the touch? They've got the pow-eee-eeerrrrr!

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celia said...

Congrats on your completed paper. Good luck with your thesis write up. :)Stay sane.. or maybe just dont get any crazier ;)