25 April 2006

bouncing back on an Olympic scale

Over dinner the other evening, the discussion turned around to sports - specifically, the Olympics. Admittedly, it can be reasonably entertaining watching people run around in a circle really fast. But this gets boring quite quickly - so how to improve on matters?

The central thesis of this post goes along the lines of: all Olympic sports could be a lot better if you include a good length of bungee cord. For example, take the swimming - in lap racing, the competitors just have to swim to one end, and just relax on the return as elastic tension brings them back to the other end. Or the 100m sprint with a 75m cord (which would be amusing in itself). Imagine the hammer throw when the hammer is tied to a rubber band? Or you could combine javelin with sprinting - throw the javelin, and run as fast as buggery to make sure you aren't where the javelin will be when it comes back!

Folks, the possibilities are endless.

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Anonymous said...

This post made me laugh, thanks !

Top stuff.