9 January 2010

New York City, part 6: The Meatpacking district

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NYC:Meatpacking: The Standard

Towering over the The High Line in the Meatpacking district of NYC is the Standard Hotel, what at first glance (for me at least) was a breathtaking, cheesy remnant of 70's architecture. I was surprised to learn then that it was only finished in January 2009.

The spindly supports of the hotel sit over the park, with no easily apparent way of getting in. It's a truly impressive sight.

NYC:Meatpacking: Gold Standard

The High Line park is a converted section of elevated railroad that runs from downtown into Chelsea. Though it isn't completely open, you can wander along a large section of it. The tracks themselves have been preserved, with landscaped gardens interleaved into the concrete walkways. From it's height above ground, it's peculiarly peaceful and quiet.

NYC:Meatpacking: Marilyn's sultry eyes

The Meatpacking district in New York is absolutely packed with street art. All over the place you'll find murals and installations around many indoor galleries all the way up to Chelsea. I think it's safe to say that it was my favourite bit of town and I'm keen on getting a chance to visit again some time.

I'm not sure who is behind this mural but it seems to be at least partially derived from this picture. It seems that the murals do evolve (source: here).

NYC:Meatpacking: D*Face all your dreams

The artist behind this one is D*Face; there's a time-lapse video of this mural going up here.

NYC:Meatpacking: No third terms!

In an attempt to depose the incumbent Mayor, Michael Bloomerg, Monty Burns ran for the post. It's good to know that he didn't do too badly in the race.

NYC:Meatpacking: Leeman 01

NYC:Meatpacking: Leeman 00

Hugh Leeman who makes awesome, floating heads. I've found examples of his work in San Francisco as well (though I didn't know who was behind it at the time).

NYC:Meatpacking: Invader

Invader installs tasty little space invader murals all over the world, documenting the effort. Next time I go I think I'll be keeping an eye out for these little guys :)

That's the end of this series for now. New York was an absolute eye-opener, a thriving, self-assured metropolis of truly gargantuan proportions. I'm looking forward to going again.

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