21 January 2010

Reservoir Dogpatch

Just to the east of Potrero Hill, where I live in San Francisco, is the industrial waterfront suburb of Mission Bay/Dogpatch. The area used to be an old railyard area and still contains many factories and a working dockyard. It's being broken down and rebuilt as a biotech hub, along with a new UCSF campus and a whole pile of new condo housing.

Given the intermediate status of the area, it's satisfyingly quiet, urban and a bit run down, leading to some awesome opportunities for photos. I think I'm going to be spending my next few weekends poking around to see what I can see here.

fire lane


These are from the area around Illinois and 22nd St.

There's an active flickr group with many photos of the area. In particular look out for photos by natu®e, who takes some awesome pictures of the area. Hes also a bit of a ninja with his iPhone pics too - very compelling stuff.

rectangular aperture
Side of an parking garage in Mission Bay

USNS Mercy
The USNS Mercy, docked at pier 70

78 stone wobble

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