19 March 2006

of someday shambles

With the last paper in, and a long stretch of thesis-writing ahead, I decided to fill the brief gap in-between with some much-needed distractions. First cab off the rank was upgrading my AMD64 desktop machine with an obscene amount of shiny memory.


Yes folks, that's a total of 3Gb of primary storage for my automated thinking device ;) I'm fairly sure this will do me for a good long while, until the urge to pointlessly upgrade bites me again :P

At the pleasant behest of Andrew B., we spent Sunday afternoon in the Eastern suburbs enjoying the sounds of some great American composers (you know, for a long time I never even knew such a thing existed!) at a performance by the Woollahra Philharmonic Orchestra. It was particularly interesting seeing Rhapsody In Blue being played - you get to realise just how difficult the signature clarinet solo at the start is to play. It's nice actually going to a gig to see orchestral music being played; instead of hearing music with just your ears you feel it with your whole body, and it's something I'd like to do more often.


Last cab off the rank are the paper models of Quake characters I've been working on :) I've designed and successfully made a paper model of a shambler. It supercedes the previous model in that it is a lot bigger, and a lot easier to build. I'll be posting up a .pdf of the model sheet and instructions on how to build it in a couple of days. I'm planning to add other quake models too; I have the player model sheet done, but I'm yet to test building it. For those who have been itching for it, stay tuned.. it'll be here in a couple of days :D


Anonymous said...

wel, I cannot wait till the pdf pops up on your blog. deeeeeid you really design this??
How many model you had to build before it was perfact.
Obviously you have far too much time on your hand.

Bhautik Joshi said...

It took a couple of tries.. the original model was too small, and was too hard to build. It's 100% based on the original geometry, so it was hard to get a nice unfolding that was both anatomically consistent (i.e. fingers, arms, torso, legs etc.) and easy (easier?) to construct.

Anonymous said...

oh man oh man this is so awesome!

i was messing around trying to export the quake models and get them into pepakura, what a headache. 5 shareware programs and 1 hour later it didn't even come out right.

looking forward to your pdf

Anonymous said...

By any chance are you working for Bernie Pailthorpe?

Anonymous said...

Why don't you post a version withou the curling lines, It would be nice to have the model built without those ugly lines in the edges :$

Thank you, you did a great job ; D